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The Chronicles of Sugarlump, Clo-Bear, WG & Flame

Feb. 22nd, 2007

09:42 pm - OI OI!

I just realised how long it has been since i did a live journal entry! I tried to keep it up after the others abandoned it for greener pastures but i have thouroughly failed as there is only about 4 entries since then that are solely from me! I apologise to our avid fans on behalf of us all!! CHRONICLES TILL I DIE!! xxxxx

Oct. 16th, 2006

01:25 am - The Wanderer Returns

Hello lovers, have you missed me?....i thought as much! lock up your sons cause i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and and i'm badder than ever. An update on the other members of the infamous clan..Sophie (wondergay) has up and left us and flown away to Austrlia for the year, Emma (Flame) and her boyfriend rarely leave their bedroom, Vicki has obtained a boyfriend and is hot to trot and me? I have a live in boyfriend and a swollen face but maybe i should fill in a few gaps before i continue. This year i live in a house of 6, theres Dave a humourous young man with a pair of "passion slippers", Emma (Flame), Ross Emma's boyfriend, Ste (My sexy hunk of manliness), Vicki (sugarlump) and me. A little like friends but with far more tension. You see Emma and Ross don't leave their room and argue for hours into the night. So basically its a house of four. We live in the ghetto of leeds and resident chavs are often seen patrolling the area. We had a delightful incident where they ran at the gate. They seem to have accepted us now as Stephen heard one of them exclaim excitedly "Phwoar have you seen the girls who live there?!" and we have had no more trouble since. We are a 5 minute walk from the uni and have made friends with the students next door (in Daves case special friends as he's getting off with one of the girls!) Me and Vicki while away the days shopping, watching deal or no deal and dancing and singing to westlife as we have discovered we only have 2 days at uni a week. Tomorrow we plan to "thoroughly" go through the primark rails, then onto topshop, corn exchange, ann summers, peacocks, new look and various other clothing outlets then Dave is cooking us all (including his new squeeze and Vicki;s old one) dinner. This is an event as Dave has no cooked for us since weve been here despite me and Vicki cooking at least ten dinners each! I have lost a stone and half since summer, mainly by not eatting what i like and exercising in a ridiculous manner. Me and Stephen are hot to trot and celebrating our one year anniversary on Saturday in York We're going to exchange promise rings). My face however has exploded as my wisdom tooth is infected so i look like the elephant man with a right side double the side of the left. It's sexy. You'd fancy me if you could see me.

For tonight alas that is it! But i shall leave you with some pictures of what you have missed in your abscence and when i return i shall bring vicki with me (as she is slumbering softly now) Peace out! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jul. 5th, 2005

05:04 pm - Cancelled My Solo! Ebay Here I Come!

05 July

The Crazy Crack Fiend Just Slipped On Through!

All work and no play makes Chloe a dull girl :| Thats what went through my mind when i saw this weeks big gay rota! Im working the capasity im allowed to work! ! I have a total of 2 nights off, what shall i do with them, the options are endless! Going to Tom's little den of a room 2m night and hes coming to mine on saturday, well that answered that question then didn't it lol! Were having a family night (plus tom) on saturday, with chinese and dvd's! Wahey! No pole dancing that night then... Unless things take a turn for the worse, or better from my perspective! I served Lemar at work today, was immensely thrilling! He was with his gf and really nice and polite not a diva at all! I was starstruck after he left but mikey was extremely nochelant as hes a dj and says he meets celebrities every day and came onto Destiny's Child! He then ordered us a pizza. Cool as a cucumber! A sexual cucumber. Im now at home dressed rather convincingly as a chav in white trousers and a white nike sports top, my hair piled high on my head i'd make the inventor of Burberry proud! Paul rung me at work and put on a phoney dweeb voice and pretended to be a customer and asked me to find pretty woman! Was a beautiful exchange :D With my new credit card and brothers address i've realised that i can now return to ebay, my former obsession and love of my life! Although the new love of my life is a free skirt from B magazine so i clearly don't have very high standards!xxxx

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04 July

Im Sorry. Im Sorry That You Are Unattractive......That's Not What I Told You To Say.......

Good Evening my precious'! Well we jetted up to sunny leeds this weeked to move into our gorgeous new flat with fellow roomies Vicki, Stephen, Richard & Emma, which actually turned out to be more than a little dirty and we had been left some delightful surprises by the previous tenants such as pubic hairs, some pics of them (and oh what fine specimens of man they were..), a bible (always handy), some dirty tissues down the side of Vicki's bed (Not going near them!), a modem and other assorted, um, goodies. So we scrubbed and cleaned and now it is shiny again! We also painted! My room looks like me (chaos) with one hot pink wall and bright white everywhere else, but with hot pink door frames and skirting board. Tom painted it for me, useful little pupcake that he is! Afterwards the notherners departed leaving the southerners (Me & Tom) in charge :D So we went into town and went shopping and then had dinner at Wokmania, watched big brother and booed saskia from the safety of our sofa and then went to Lisa's party, which was immense! Their house is a lot bigger than ours and really nicely decorated! It was amazing to see all my uni friends again too! We played drinking games with tequillla and sambuca and we managed to get absolutely wasted, Lisa fell down the stairs and Emma was just rolling around. They had loads of mattresses outside in the front garden so we laid on them for a bit and it would seem it was raining although i didnt notice until i was pulling on wet trousers the next morning! We got a cab back at about 4am and woke up the next morning a little worse for wear! Tom got aggressive when some bed movers eye-raped me outside the flat! They were pretty shameless about it, when he was clearly stood next to me! So gunna have a flat warming/party every other night in september, although were going up to paint/make it ours in a few weeks! So the next day we got the train back, missed our first train and then got into an argument with the ticket inspector on the second train, where i went into a sarcasm spasm and thanked him for being so understanding and also managed to call him anal and loser! I go back to my roots when i fight lol, Im a little gypsy with the morals of an alley cat! I was nothing compared to tom though, i though he was going to glass him lol He was being ridiculously obnoxious though. Just a sad little man on a power trip! We so weren't in the mood to be hustled, wet clothes, hung over and late for Tom's street party we passed the time discussing the gimp train inspector with other passengers and playing the people game where everyone who passes by we make up a story about them, name them etc. We are just THAT fun! When we finally got to kings x we got the underground (creep rears its ugly head) and i went home to change and tom went to the party. Later on i met him at the party where he was already drunk with his mum lol We then got roped into getting up on stage and singing Robbie & Kylie's - Kids with such lyrical Gems as "I'm no bubbalicious" and "I prefer drummers baby" and the best bit is it's all captured on video lol including the fact that it actually went down really well! People were even crowd surfing! After the party we hung out for a little with toms mum, dad etc and then went to bed. Today was pretty non eventful, although i wore a skirt and boots to work, which got me into trouble! Got back about 11 and beat tom at the 100 question buffy quiz which means he has to buy me a teddy bear :D It's scary that i can get 87% in a buffy quiz. It proves anything I fail at isn't actually my brain it's my application! MY puppy was delighted i hadn't left for uni again and has been following me around ever since i got in, she always follows me around anyway! It's like hvaing a tiny naughty furry shadiow. Finishing off the plans for our holiday and it looks like were going to squeeze about 12 people into a 6 person chalet! Roll on 16th! But for now, goodnight my munchkins (espesh Chloe, i miss you soo much! The original Paris and Nicole! I Love You! Team Chloe, Rock Out With Your Cock Out!)xxxxxxxxxxx

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30 June

Always Remember! Nobody Likes An Over-Achiever!

Good morning avid fans! It is the middle of the night and i can't sleep so obviously the only rational thing to do was leave Tom hibenating in my bed and come and update my beautiful pink fluffy mypace! I'm jetting off to sunny leeds on friday to get the key to my new flat with V, Emma, Stephen & Richard and im taking my beloved Chloe & Tom with me for company and possibly a threesome..! We're going to paint my new room hot pink and white and then go to Lisa's party, which will be immense! Today has been somewhat less immense, i went to work, where i processed (made up the boxes for in blockbuster speak, you must learn the lingo mofo's or nobody will accept you as a true blockbusters lover :|) 52 copies of Hitch. Arash put million dollar baby on which was horrific! It so shouldn't be a 12! I saw arash welling up..tears cascaded down his face as he watched the traumatising scenes unfold! It made a grown man cry! Don't rent it! Then i came home did my daily (and oh so fun) 1/2 an hour of tae bo, with tom watching me curiously. When asked to join in he poitely declined despite me kicking and punching the air in front of him buffy style and selling it like a beast in my amazingly attractive workout clothes. We got a new puppy today called Bonnie as well which means we now have 11 dogs dwelling with us! This one got kicked against the wall by its alcoholic owner and the twat has given her eplilepcy so she has to have a tablet at 9am and 9pm every day or she has fits. She's cute and extremely hyper active! Abbie doesn't like it when i pay the other dogs too much attention tho so i have to be careful i don't cause a ruck between the pupcakes. I love Abbie so much! Tom calls them all "ridiculous luxury dogs", despite his worryingly close relationship with Sasha, who is a real live homosexual dog! which i have to agree lol shih tzu's (Geri halliwells/nicole richies designer dogs) dont look the most needy! All of ours have been abused in one way or another though, it's like the Osbournes house where people and animals roam freely and loudly together. So then we had dinner and made a profile on judgeme for "Sasha the dog" much to tom's delight who has put a horrific picture of me holding sasha up and looking like a moose in the process! Then we watched big brother and then Creep(taking advantage of the free rentals), which is the actually the worst horror film ive ever seen i think. I saw it at the cinema with V & Emma and V spent most of it cowering in my lap. Then Tom fell asleep cause he has to be up at 6 tomorrow, cause hes doing a placement at my dad's work in the morning. Me and mum, who's still glowing about me getting a 2:1 for the year, are going shopping for paint however. I'm just a fun MONSTER. And now that i've written every single detail of my incredibly mundane day down i might retire back to my bed! It's been emotional!

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Jun. 26th, 2005

11:48 pm - Update!

just to update, i have been working like a bitch at blockbusters! Tom's been living here cause my dads got him a placement at work and hes been jetting off at like 6am each day! He also chased me down the road with a massive grass seed and rubbed it into my hair! Oooh what a nice boyfriend i have lol! Don't worry i kicked him a few times :)but somehow managed to hurt MY foot in the process :| Oh well time to take advantage of the free rentals! C u later motherfuckers! xxxxxx

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Jun. 19th, 2005

03:47 pm - Come Get Some!

Oh my god! I've left Ellerslie & room 31 forever! It's horrific! You look around the room and you think of all the people and stuff thats happened in there! It's been an amazing year, and i've lived exactly the lifestyle i wanted to. Met some amazing friends and done well on my exams Pretty immense considering how scared i was to go to uni! Next year were going to go back and see who's living in our rooms. Well im back in sunny (quite literally for once) london anyway after me tom and dad departed yesterday. Tom stayed for the week, and we had a blast in every way ;)! I still have a big gay bruise on my side, it's attractive :| Last night i fell asleep during big brother on top of all the crap thats on my bed to be sorted but today i whiled away the hours trying to whiten my teeth and sort out my room. Don't worry work at blockbusters starts on tuesday!

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Jun. 16th, 2005

04:04 am - If you really love christmas! Come on and let it show!

Tonight has been immense! We went to creation and danced to the most cheese! Tom has passed out on my bed which is also immense! He is also naked, as his only boxers are in the wash which is TRIPLE immense! BUT there is a downside to all this crazy mixed up fun :| We got a pizza and in my eagerness to retrieve it i ran into the banister and have..cut, yes CUT my side. The banister only reaches my side, im quite small, almost hobbit-like really. You can imagine how fast i was running/barreling...I like pizza! What can i say?! So my side is sore and red! I'm sure your all on flowers/chocolates/stuffedanimals.com trying to send me gifts but *sniff* i think im going to be alright, although i will be sure to milk this for all it's worth and possibly develop a pitiful yet effective and plausible limp until tom buys me teddy bear. I asked for diet coke at the take away and they sent regluar, i intend to write a strong worded letters about my calorie controlled diet, which they will laugh at and rip up considering how much pizza we all ordered! I think i might be drunk, or maybe its you eh? maybe your the god damn smelly tramp drunk?! I'm a violent lairy drunk, a little like Lesley from big brother, but with a hint of Derek... whom of course are both IMMENSE. I like the word immense, in the Chloe dictionary that me and mark make it is as follows
IMMENSE: Totally awesome/wicked/safe.
I hope that has clarified things. I'm sure it has.Lucy's not coming back to uni at all cause shes going to drama school! and Sophies going back home tomorrow, i find this SO upsetting! Who will i play Britney with and dance round the room?! *Looks at Tom* Sopfo is coming to stay for a bit though, at my dog-ridden house. Do not enter my house if you don't like dogs (a word to the wise) There are LOTS of dogs in my house! Theres Sasha and Abbie and Ted and Roley and 6 more! Theres ten! and they all sleep on our beds. It's like the waltons, well more like the Osbournes actually! And im kelly! Im also marmite according to alex, which is..charming! I wish cheese music was still playing! Maybe i should put some on...NO! Tom wouldn't like that, i think he might be dead though....no no he breathed. That looks wrong, breath, hmmm i can't spell AND my side hurts! Woe is me. Emma wants me to tell you about the time we were in the washing room and i was looking through the lost laundry bin and apparently i was very excited about it and looked like "all my christmas's had come at once". Maybe you just had to be there! We found it funny!Hmmm toms uploaded lots of pictures of animals yawming. I like them, maybe a little too much....

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Jun. 14th, 2005

12:05 am

Well well well, look who it is! Sooo what's been going on in these past few oh so eventful days! Tom's down to visit and results day is in Chloe & Sophie ended up with 2:1's overall while Emma's and V's are yet to materalize! Anyway will update further later!

Jun. 8th, 2005

11:14 am - Wahey!

YES! It's Chloe and I just got my first result at a 2:1 - GET IN MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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06:44 am

Soo.. we went on the end of the otley run and everyone was dressed up as pirates and stuff, and chloe and emma were surprisingly sober! And then the evening took a turn for the worse when someone named "Dog" stole jon's hat and ran away with it. There were tears, tribulations and tantrums, but thankfully the hat is back and is safe! I felt really sorry for Jon cause he would have had to pay £25 if dog hadnt placed the hat on a security camera outside tiger tiger and texted Chloe to tell her where it is(luckily his friend had given Chloe his number for um personal reasons lol) so she just texted him and demanded dog's number which he gave her and then she rung him and demanded the hat back! Like a storm trooper, an efficient storm trooper, anyway feast your eyes on these pictures!

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Jun. 5th, 2005

04:42 am - I Don't Care Who You Are, Where Your From, What You Did, As Long As You Love Me :|

lol! Had the best night! My friend from school Mark came to visit me and we just literally sat and got wasted in my room lol! Me and Sophie picked him up from the union after Megan's birthday party, which ended at around 10pm lol so you can imagine how mega that was! The guys from the hall decided to go and rent a dvd for us, but after watching about 5 minutes of it me and Mark decided a little bit of getting wasted was in order! So after making himself a cheese sandwhich with moldey bread, it's a leed delicacy, we got to work! half a bottle of after shock, half a bottle of malibu and a very empty bottle of ready mixed pina colada and we were gone, i just remember finding some pink fluffy handcuffs behind my playstation and using them followed by us trying to make the "Chloe Dictionary" of all the words i use and what they mean, then mark finding some dodgy arsed radio station and us having a mini rave in my room, just the two of us... which is about when the door opened and we were found by a very amused Sophie, Emma, Kat, Deena & Lisa. What crazy critters we are :D :D! We seem to have taken lots of pictures though! So il post them, Mark's wearing my shoes in one of them...! So anyway he left at about 2am and i have been in sophies bed ever since ;) Was extremely erotic, although i've managed to get my hangover before i even go to sleep and me and Rob & others are just sitting around, so congratulations to me. Am SOOOO meeting up with him over the summer, had forgotten how immense he is! I love him! Tom's coming up today, so we can do the fancy dress otley run tomorrow :D

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